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Loughborough Church - Every time I think of you I give thanks

Every time I think of you I give thanks to my God

Philippians 1:3 says ‘Every time I think of you I give thanks to my God.’ There is no denying that for us, as a body of Christ’s people, July is a manic month. Camp Supreme as you have probably already heard was attended by up to 300 children and young people. On top of those…

Loughborough Church - You'll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone

If you didn’t know it by now, I’m a Liverpool supporter, yes through good and bad times. You don’t change your team, you stick with them. “You’ll never walk alone” has been the club’s anthem for over fifty years, they adopted it in the 1960’s. Throughout the club’s history they have come to realise the strength…

Loughborough Church - Baggage


The other day I was carrying a really heavy bag. I had been staying away from home from Sunday to Thursday and I’m not the kind of girl to pack lightly! I was walking for about twenty minutes with this bag and after a while it became really uncomfortable and quite painful. I tried to…