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Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Lessons from Mission

Lessons from Mission

As I write this article I am travelling back from Uganda. As you know, I have been on mission in Uganda for the last 3 weeks working with vulnerable children with an organisation called LightForce International. I will be writing a full article on my experience when I get home, so look out for that!…

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - The Pilgrim Life

The Pilgrim Life

For well over a couple of years now, in my devotional time with the Lord, I’ve been systematically working my way through the Bible. I started at the beginning in Genesis. I’ve been purposefully reading slowly and carefully trying to meditate on each short passage that I have read. This is most probably the reason…

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Dependent on His Grace

Dependent on His Grace

Man, by God’s design, is capable of great accomplishments. Think about what man has accomplished, he has gone to the moon and back, the Internet, and so much more.  But in that design, to which we are fearfully and wonderfully made, man is capable of even greater things because of God’s grace. When we think…