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What will be, will be…

Loughborough Church - What will be will beA many of you know Jen and I are expecting our first baby and we’ve decided that we’re going to let the sex of the baby be a surprise. We’ve been thinking about names and after much discussion we have decided on a few we really like and are really excited about meeting the little bundle! Many of you also know that we’re currently living with mum and dad and this has thrown the whole house into an interesting state of disarray.

The downstairs office has been totally renovated into a bedroom for when Zach and Josh come to stay which has meant that everything in the office had to find another home as the preparations to welcome ‘mini Weaver’ went underway. Some of the furniture from our old house has been in the dining room and that too has had to be shifted round because Christmas is coming (just in case you hadn’t noticed).

‘What will be, will be’ can be such a throw away statement, it suggests that there is a definite lack of control to life where the outcome of certain situations are unknown and the impact therefore is also unknown.

For example, Josh has already prayed that the baby will be a boy so that he can wrestle with it. But unfortunately God already has that one sorted so if it’s a girl Josh will have to remember that they can still wrestle but they’ll have to let her win!

We are on an amazing personal journey as a family. As a church family our situation is no different, although there is an obvious level of excitement there are some things that definitely feel uncertain and unknown. We’ve said time and time again that we are trusting in the goodness and greatness of God to pull us through this time.

Philip Yancy wrote this ‘I’ve learned that faith means trusting in advance what only makes sense in reverse.’

There will always be an element of unknown but our confidence should massively increase when God is involved in our lives. Although we might feel uncertain as to what is going on and what God might be up to we should consider these verses:

‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.’ Isaiah 9:6

What do these verses teach us? Well, I believe that they teach us that we do not have a God that is indifferent. He was so involved in wanting us to reconnect with him that even the stars were involved in announcing the coming of the Messiah! Our Heavenly Father is so consumed with love for us that ‘what will be, will be’ never came into the equation. There was a plan to get us back where we should be, there was an offer made and an invitation to follow and something is us responded to that.

I’ll admit that the fact that God lives outside of time is a bit of a ‘head-pickler’ but today we don’t have to be concerned that He will drop us or forget about us. He is intimately acquainted with all our ways. He knows when we sit and when we rise! (Psalm 91)

And so, when we look at these fantastic verses in Isaiah 9 we can be confident that this Government that want us to follow them will ultimately account for their positions and decisions to the King of Kings.

He is to us a Wonderful Counsellor – get this into your noggin – you are never alone! You can talk to God, about anything you like, whenever you like – Pastor David always says ‘He is as close as the mention of His name.’ Fancy that, the God of all creation wants to talk with and spend time with you and be your Wonderful Counsellor – you must be pretty special huh?!

He is the Mighty God that will pull you through the situation you’re facing, and to make the picture a bit bigger, the situation we’re all facing within New Springs.

He will never stop wanting to be your Heavenly Father. Never.

And lastly, He will be there when you feel as though you are at the end of your rope and can’t take anymore. But as a nation too we look at the disruption and heart ache that is being caused by our actions towards each other and we can be confident that one day there will be peace.

Why don’t you call on Him today? I’m excited about Christmas because I get to remember again the baby that changed everything.