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Without Faith it’s Impossible to Please God (Hebrews 11:6)

Hebrews Chapter 11 is one of the key chapters in the Bible that deals with the subject of faith. Theologians actually refer to it as ‘the hall of faith.’ It speaks of the many faith heroes in the Bible. Verse six is particularly poignant highlighting some very important principles.

First of all it teaches us that’ without faith it is impossible to please God,’ – He takes no pleasure whatsoever when His people are not walking in faith. Or in other words every single aspect of a person’s life needs to operate with and in Bible believing faith.

The second thing we learn from this verse is, our faith needs to be directed through Jesus. Those that come to Him must believe He is God, He is able, He is the one – and the only one who can make it happen. It’s no good having faith in faith, our faith must be in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is He who is the Author and Finisher (completer) of our faith.

Thirdly, the verse teaches us that we must come to Him with expectant hearts and not in doubt. We must believe that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We must believe without doubt that He will do it!

On several occasions Jesus used these words ‘according to your faith so be it’, for example to the blind man in Matthew 9 verse 29 and also to the woman with the issue of blood, again in Matthew 9, and then again to the centurion in Matthew 8 verse 13 as he was seeking healing for his servant. You see, Bible believing faith is a key factor in receiving God’s promises and seeing them come into reality.

There is no doubt we are in faith where our new building and its total renovation is concerned. Often you hear people talking about living on the edge where faith is concerned – what they are really saying is, ‘if God doesn’t show up soon and answer our prayers then we are going to be in big big trouble!’ Now when it comes to New Springs and the faith we are exercising where our new building is concerned, well, we are not on the edge we are actually hang gliding, we are way, way over the edge!

We passionately believe we have heard from God and we need to press on with the work that needs to be done. In the light of this we are in the process of commissioning various outside professional contractors to put the suspended ceiling in, to plaster the new rooms on the mezz, to paint the cladding on the outside of the church, to do the signage, to replace the heating in the main auditorium and foyer, to put a central heating wet system upstairs, to renew the electric lighting, and to design and make a new front fence and gating system which will enhance overall security. At this moment in time we don’t have the money to finance all this work, (or for that matter any of this work), but we are determined to obey what we believe God has spoken to us about. We are determined to move out in faith in Jesus’ Name. We are determined to bring the greatest amount of pleasure we possibly can to our Lord Jesus Christ through the faith we are prepared to move in.

We are also in faith believing we will soon sell City House on Ashby Road which will release the equity finance to allow us to purchase the Belton Road West Extension facility. When we do this we will actually save ourselves a significant amount of money each month. Paying a monthly mortgage payment would be far cheaper for us than paying a lease. Please continue to pray that God will intervene.

Then on top of this, and most importantly, we are in faith believing for the great harvest of souls that will come to Christ through the ministry of New Springs. We really do believe that this is just a matter of time. God has spoken His word and it will come to pass sooner or later. At the end of the day this is the only reason we are taking on our new building – to accommodate the growth of people the Holy Spirit has promised will come into His Kingdom through New Springs.

So I guess you are beginning to see why I’m saying we are no longer on the edge where faith is concerned, we are way past this – we are hang gliding! Would you be kind enough to keep remembering all of this and the work and ministry of New Springs in prayer.

– Please pray for the leadership that they will have the wisdom to know what is of faith and what is fanciful presumption- or, in other words, the wisdom to know the difference between ‘the God idea’ and ‘the good idea’ – because the two aren’t always the same.

– Pray for the provision of God in all these things. That God will raise up people to give and sacrifice that which is required.

– Pray for the quick sale of City House and the purchase of Belton Road West.

– Pray for the harvest of souls God has promised us. Pray there won’t be a week that goes by without a number of people coming to Christ and being added to the church.

– Pray for all the believers at New Springs – for their personal growth in the Lord. We thank God for every one of them, young and old. Pray for their protection and that they would be filled anew with the Spirit of God and serve Him effectively.

– Pray for a new powerful anointing of God to sweep across our fellowship. Pray that people will be healed and that needs will be met.

If it is impossible to please God without faith – and it is – then having and operating in Bible believing faith must cause Him the greatest of pleasure. We therefore have no doubt whatsoever that the faith we as a church are moving in at the moment is absolutely thrilling heaven. And we know the hand of God is moved by the faith of His people. We believe our God is well able to do more than abundantly beyond all that we ask or think. And we are expecting God to richly reward us as we stand together in faith and as we diligently seek His wonderful face.