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Stuff Happens

Loughborough Church New Springs - Stuff HappensIt’s a risky business being alive and trying to remain safe in the world that we live in today with all the threats around us of war, terrorism, plane crashes, etc. etc. Just ask someone who went for a night out at the theatre in Paris a few days ago. Little did they know that this was going to be their last night alive. A routine event for enjoyment turned into an awful tragedy for them and their families. Our prayers go out to people across the world suffering loss and pain.

Stuff happens when we least expect it. Sometimes it is stuff from external forces that we can’t do anything about. Sometimes it’s relationship problems or breakdowns. Sometimes it’s health problems or terminal illnesses. Sometimes it’s bereavement. Sometimes it’s an invasion of our privacy through a break in at our home or something else. Sometimes it’s a storm inside of us. Sometimes it is our mental well-being.

We live in a fallen world and horrid things happen in this world. BUT in the midst of all of this as Christians who love God we have a hope and a future no matter what comes our way. We are in the world and we aren’t immune to stuff happening to us, but we can call on God in our times of desperate need. Praise Him.

Sue Mortell has written a few lines called STUFF HAPPENS:

Stuff happens, what can we do?
Stuff happens beyond our control.
Stuff happens, thank you Lord you’re with us.
Stuff happens, You hold us tight Lord.
Stuff happens!

Deuteronomy 31 verse 6 says ‘Be strong and brave, and don’t tremble in fear of them, because the Eternal your God is going with you. He’ll never fail you or abandon you!

STUFF HAPPENS but keep your eyes on God and trust Him to bring you through the stuff!