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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - A Trinity of Truths

A Trinity of Truths

They say things come in threes. It is certainly the case in I Corinthians 15: 3-4. Writing to the church at Corinth the Apostle Paul speaks of the three vital aspects of what Christ Jesus came to this earth to do. This is how the NIV version of the Bible puts it. ‘For what I…

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Man Pleaser or God Pleaser

Man Pleaser or God Pleaser?

Brian Clough was a well-known figure around the sporting arena; and still is maybe for anyone 30 years of age and over. I have sat in many a dugout with him with pre-match expectations high as was the norm, but never had I ever been dragged by the scruff, over somebody’s knee and told to…

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Feel-good Factor

Feel-good Factor

Chocolate –  some people just can’t go a day without it, they need their daily fix. That rush of endorphins that comes with the melting of the chocolate on their tongue. Below are a few facts about chocolate that might surprise you! Chocolate Facts The largest chocolate sculpture ever made was a 10 foot high…