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Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Positioning-Yourself-To-Hear-Father-Speak

Positioning Yourself To Hear Father Speak

I was watching Wales play football against Germany at Cardiff arms park back in the early 90s; it so happened that my free ticket had me sitting right in the middle of the Welsh fans. As the teams lined up the atmosphere was electric which seemed to increase as the Welsh national anthem started to ring…

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Here-we-go-again-The-nation-decides-again

Here we go again – the nation decides again

Politics is like the weather, there’s a lot of it about! Let’s be honest, over the last 36 months or so the UK has certainly had its fair share of politics and elections. There’s been a General Election, a referendum on Scottish Independence which failed and Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are now planning yet…