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Positioning Yourself To Hear Father Speak

Loughborough Church Sunderland New Springs - Positioning-Yourself-To-Hear-Father-Speakwas watching Wales play football against Germany at Cardiff arms park back in the early 90s; it so happened that my free ticket had me sitting right in the middle of the Welsh fans. As the teams lined up the atmosphere was electric which seemed to increase as the Welsh national anthem started to ring out. Every Welshman and Welsh-woman stood to their feet and banged out the anthem with all that was within them; and then it happened, for some really strange reason I found myself slowly standing with them, and singing along like some adopted Welshman (nutter more like).

I don’t know to this day what happened, but it felt good at the time. The anthem finished with a roar of anticipation from the crowd, it was at this point in time that a person in front of me tried to tell me something….”Excuse me.” I replied, “I can’t hear you… what did you say?” I haven’t got a clue what the chap said, but what I do know is, it seems to me that it can be like that with God sometimes. I am 100% sure that The God of the universe wants to communicate with His people in the 20th century. So, is it that our lives are so cluttered, crowded, messy, noisy, busy and full and we just can’t hear Him over the noise and humdrum of life? I can almost imagine God trying to speak into our lives as we race through our morning routine of throwing our clothes on, lashing our breakfast down, brushing our teeth whilst putting our shoes on at the same time and running out of the house. Does that sound familiar? As God gets the standard response from His child and devoted follower: “Sorry Lord, I’m too busy, I’ll catch up with you later.” Yet we both know that the person will fumble through the same routine again and again.

It is common knowledge that sports people need to position themselves strategically to be successful; maybe to score a goal, catch a cricket ball or within a race ready to sprint for the finish line. The way the sports person positions themselves and the how they position themselves will determine whether they succeed or not. It would be pointless for a footballer who wants to score a goal to stand on the halfway line when his team are attacking the goal. He would not score in a million years! A long-distance runner would not wait 200 yards behind the front group with 200 meters to go until the finish line and expect to win!

There is no difference with the followers of Christ. We must position ourselves wisely under His Sovereignty, His grace and in a regular place where we can be quiet and hear from Him. If you can find a regular time in a regular place that would really help to get some rhythm. Thinking about positioning yourself to hear from Father, it would be best to have some peace and quiet, without interruptions; no TV on, mobile phones switched off and closing your door behind you. To give ourselves even more chance to hear The Almighty, when we dig deep into His precious Word alongside our quiet times, it is during these moments with God that we will hear from Him most clearly, maybe the whisper into your quiet heart, or some guidance jumping from the pages of your bible, or maybe a vision or prophetic picture. God is certainly able to communicate in many varied and creative ways. If God can speak through a donkey, He can speak through anyone and anything to encourage and bless you.

The second part of the positioning to hear Father, is to obey after He has spoken, no matter how ridiculous you think it may be. The blessing is in obedience. So maybe it’s time to try and get more shape into your everyday prayer and devotion life as you try to position yourself to hear the Almighty.

I know lots of people read devotional books and journals alongside their bible to help draw near to Father; maybe you could try one. Here are some great potential examples for you to try:

Phil Weaver – Divinely Crafted. The Genius of the Lord’s Prayer.

Smith Wigglesworth – 365 day Devotional.

My Light and My Salvation – One Year Devotional Journal.

Why don’t you set your face like flint and position yourself to hear from Father in the best way you can, with all that is within your heart and mind.

I will hear what God the Lord will speak,

For He will speak peace

To His people and to His saints;

But let them not turn back to folly.

Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him,

That glory may dwell in our land

Psalm 85:8