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Loughborough Church - PartnershipOur Partnership Course

Many different types of people attend New Springs for various reasons. New Springs is a church for sceptics, seekers, doubters and believers. We have occasional visitors and ‘only lookers’ and then we have people who attend every week but for one reason or another cannot commit to being members or partners. Then we have a group of people that we call Partners. These are the people who have committed themselves to the vision of New Springs. What they are saying is God has called them to New Springs and they want to actively play their part in fulfilling what God wants us to fulfil in our town, nation and world.

So, what does partnership at New Springs look like?

We believe there are eight biblical characteristics that capture the essential marks of someone devoted to Christ and His church and as such we believe they should provide the criteria for participating partnership in our fellowship.

The eight pillars of partnership are:

a commitment to God
a commitment to God’s people in the fellowship
a commitment to our foundational beliefs
a commitment to our leadership
a commitment to our vision and ethos
a commitment to service and ministry
a commitment to reaching our world
a commitment to you by the church

Of course, you don’t have to be a partner to attend New Springs. All are welcome to worship with us and make New Springs their spiritual home. Obviously there are some who want to become official partners in the ministry, being a part of the core that bring the vision that God has given us into reality. In this case we ask that you attend the partnership programme to find out what partnership at New Springs is all about and to cover any questions and concerns you may have. We run the Partnership Course normally twice each year. If you would like to take part, please speak to one of the leadership team.