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The history of Christingle can be traced back to December 1747 to a man by the name of the Reverend John de Watteville.  He was the pastor of the Moravian Church in Germany. He was keen to teach the children in his church some key principles from the scriptures, which hopefully they would never forget….

Loughborough Church New Springs - The Power to Change

The Power to Change

Every year at New Springs there is always a theme that we follow. Our 2016 theme is simply entitled, THE POWER TO CHANGE. It is a theme inspired by such texts as 2 Corinthians 3 v 18 which talks about each believer going through a constant process of change as a result of the Holy…

Loughborough Church New Springs - Stuff Happens

Stuff Happens

It’s a risky business being alive and trying to remain safe in the world that we live in today with all the threats around us of war, terrorism, plane crashes, etc. etc. Just ask someone who went for a night out at the theatre in Paris a few days ago. Little did they know that…

Loughborough Church New Springs - 10 things about the nativity

10 Things About The Nativity

The first nativity scene didn’t appear until 1223, more than a millennium after Jesus’ birth. Saint Francis of Assisi received permission from Pope Honorious 111 to stage the first nativity in an Italian cave. Present were an ox and an ass! In the Middle Ages, nativity scenes could be seen throughout the whole of Europe….

Loughborough Church - Message from Romania

Message from Romania

Winter is back! Not so bad now but we were hoping for something a little warmer instead of having to light our wood burner in the evenings. Yes, we’re very handy with the chainsaw and axe and our water is heated with a wood burner too but it only takes a few twigs fallen from…