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Loughborough Church - DirectorsNew Springs City Church Loughborough is a part of New Springs UK. As a registered charitable company (Reg. Charity No. 1068899, Reg. Company No. 3502355) it is subject to general law and this law requires that it be governed by a number of officially appointed Company Directors and Charity Trustees. These are the men and women who have the legal powers and responsibilities to run the affairs (notably the administration and financial affairs) of the organisation. Their responsibility extends to all New Springs works both in this country and internationally.

One of their primary functions is to ensure that the Trust does not act outside its ‘Objects and Powers’ as set out in its ‘Memorandum and Articles of Association.’

Our current Trustees/Directors are:

Rev Phil Weaver (Chair)

Ryan Atkinson

Euan Lockwood

Pastor Helen Weaver (Company Secretary)

Rev Nathan Weaver

Xinhai Lin