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Resourcing and empowering people to fulfil their destiny is a big part of our ethos here at New Springs City Church.

We have an area which we call The Resource Station which has Christian books and gifts available for purchase.

You can also listen free to our weekly sermons on our website.

Various members of our Ministry Team have books and CDs available for purchase.

Pastor Phil has the following books available for purchase:

– New Christian series??

– Giant Slayers??

– Money book

– The Big Man – his story of his journey with God

– What happens below??

Pastor Dave loves to sing and he has produced an album entitled Eternal Moments which is available to purchase at £5/£10 per copy.  This is an awesome CD.

Pastor Nathan conceived and launched the whole concept of the BAM Project.  This is an opportunity for  people to write their story and have it printed so that they can distribute this to their family, friends and people they get into conversation with.  Check out the separate BAM section on our website for further information.

Pastor Helen has written, along with the Weaver family, her journey through bereavement following the death of her youngest son Matthew.  This book shares the experiences of the Weaver family in dealing with bereavement from different perspectives i.e. from a mother’s, father’s, brother’s, wife’s and children’s perspective (wider family’s perspective).

Ellen Lockwood has written and produced an album called ‘Hello World’ which is available for purchase (£5) or can be downloaded from the following website


Bob Breeze

Autumn’s download info

Ben and Tracey?


Where do people purchase these from etc. etc.